Jaisingh Alloys Pvt. Ltd. houses a sprawling manufacturing unit of 2.75 acres in Khopoli. It lies only 1.5 hrs from Mumbai and is well connected to other important business hubs of India like Pune, Chakan, Takve and Aurangabad. This unit is equipped with world class machinery to cater to all the diverse operations and processes.


    The plan is primarily divided into 6 main divisions:

    • Scrap Warehousing Division
    • Production Unit
    • Mechanical & Environment Control Division
    • Quality Control Laboratory
    • Research & Development Division
    • Finished Goods Dispatch

    Right from selection of scrap and environment care, up till the final stages of production and delivery; Quality is given top priority to ensure that every consignment is well executed. Each product goes through a well defined series of processes of manufacturing and testing. This ethos guarantees optimum productivity and allows the company to grow with a streamlined business plan.

    The raw material Aluminum Scrap is sourced only from the finest suppliers to ensure that our products match world class standards. The scrap is carefully selected and is hand or machine sorted for optimum attachment reduction. It is then tested for composition at the in-house laboratory before it is sent for further processing to the furnace unit.

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    Jaisingh Alloys can process all grades of commercial and non commercial aluminum scrap for recycling. With strict emphasis on quality, the scrap is obtained only from the most reliable sources and processed with equal care and precision. Sorting and segregation of this scrap, plays the most vital role in the process to eliminate any unwanted impurities.

    With a team of highly accomplished workforce, every step of the production is undertaken with great accuracy and under strict quality control. The team houses highly skilled technicians who understand the mechanized production and are kept abreast of new industry technologies. They go through a rigorous training process so that their productivity and proficiency is at its best.

    Besides, new investments are made regularly for technologically sound production machinery. Currently Jaisingh Alloys is capable of manufacturing over 800 metric tons of aluminum alloys.

    This includes machinery such as:

    Skelner Furnaces
    Dross Crusher
    Dross Furnaces
    Bale Press Machinery
    Dump Hoppers
    Metal Shredders
    Cutting Equipment
    Spectro Meter
    Image Analyzer
    Gas Detector

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    We are earnestly committed to chalking out and furthering the growth path for our employees as we make concentrated efforts to align their aspirations with the goals, vision, and mission of the organization.

    Our initiatives like classroom and on-job training programs and knowledge-sharing sessions are all designed to upgrade the skills of our employees and make them competent enough to tackle the challenges of the financial world.


    We believe that hard work should never go unrewarded. That is why, we have formulated the Best of Intec program to recognize and reward the top performers across various functions and inspire others to realize their true potential and reach new heights. We never shy away from providing the platform to individuals so that they may take up challenges, think out-of-the-box, and take on bold initiatives.


The company offers numerous allied services alongside the quality products manufactured. These include:

  • Adoption of Standard Operating Procedures to guarantee that all products manufactured have a regularized production process with complete accuracy and quality.
  • We offer an efficient delivery schedule and abide by it so that clients can regulate their further production process. 
  • Our head office is constantly engaged in customer communication and clients are updated regularly about the status of their consignments. 
  • In case of any discrepancy in the quality of products delivered, we house a Product Inspection Team that is sent for on-location examination and makes sure that the problem is rectified as required. 

Quality Control

Achieving world class quality is one of our missions. The technical and quality control teams help in maintaining the highest standards at every stage of the manufacturing process. After each process, the product passes through rigorous testing methods at our in-house lab. Jaisingh Alloys has invested in the finest quality control equipments such as the Q4 Tasman Spectro Meter from Bruker Elemental GmbH; Gas Detectors, Metallurgical Microscopes and the like.

This is to perform the below mentioned tests to provide top quality products:

  • Spectro Analysis Tests
  • Fracture Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Homogeneous Test
  • Porosity Test
  • Image Analyzing
  • Hydrogen Gas Detection

R & D

Research has always been the back bone of all our innovations. We believe in comprehensive study, which helps us develop high quality products. The Research & Development Unit is well equipped and has invested in modern testing equipments and amenities. With every progressing year, we are dedicating additional equipment; machinery and expertise to the lab so that we can add numerous other products to our current portfolio.

Jaisingh Alloys has also set up an Alloy Grade Archive. This helps us and our clients to access common trade names for alloys with referencing on instrument displays. This cross referencing also facilitates the Quality Control Lab in providing accuracy in alloy grade identification. 

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